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About Echo Village

Echo village was created for parents who are frustrated with never finding flexible and affordable care for their children. Echo Village's process and systematic approach to how we provide for parents and their families allows us to create custom care for every child enrolled.

Parents that work with Echo Village get the added bonus of a team of providers all ready and willing to give their children the love and fun time they look for. Echo Village is a family owned and operated company under the Cooper Family Incorporated enterprise. Every single business under CFI works together seamlessly to create a lifestyle that is not just needed, but required for busy parents and people searching for support.

Our founders are also parents and hard working entrepreneurs that use Echo Village for their own children. Dailan and Ariel Cooper worked hard to create a structured alternative to childcare that was more flexible, and they make sure that every single member of our staff is trained and understands what is required.

Echo Village being family owned means parents get the focus and attention to detail they have always wanted for their children. Created in 2021, Echo Village is a small operation. Every child is handled with care; we serve a small group of children per city, and enroll children sporadically as we grow our team to make sure every single child gets the same level of quality care no matter how large we may get.

Our goal is to change the way mobile childcare is handled. You can't automate childcare like some businesses attempt to do.

It takes a careful hand and a team that understands what you need and how you need it.

That’s Echo Village.

Cooper Family Inc.

The CFI group is a collection of businesses owned by the husband and wife duo Dailan and Ariel Cooper. The lifestyle created from the combined brands under CFI offer something never before created.

More than just another company out to innovate, CFI provides a worry-free lifestyle for those that crave something more. From Hex Flexible Living’s ready to use homes and concierge services, to Echo Village’s on demand child care, CFI puts family first.

A flexible lifestyle is something that has always been needed and these two blind entrepreneurs understand that more than anyone. Across CFI’s many businesses, quality hospitality and friendly staff are always ready to serve your every need. Every single team member becomes a part of the family, and when you use any brand under the CFI group, so do you.

That is our promise.
“Family First.”

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